Q-Blue MultiVert-MVII

Free Energy from hot waste water

The MultiVert-MVII easily saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions by recovering heat from used shower water. This principle is now commonly used in residential new buildings. The MultiVert-MVII has been specially developed for larger locations with multiple showers, such as hotels, swimming pools, sports clubs or apartment buildings. The MultiVert-MVII can also be used in industrial applications. Up to 30 to 60 % of energy can be recovered from wastewater easily. That energy is free and does not need to be generated either, so CO2 emissions are avoided. The ROI is almost always very interesting.

The MultiVert-MVII works according to the counterflow principle. Warm wastewater flows away, cold supply water is led past it by means of a double separation and thus heats up. Simple and effective. No moving parts, no electronics, just simple.

MVII is easy to install, almost always fits in the technical room, generally requires little maintenance, is easily scalable (up to 200 showers!) and can be easily cleaned if required.

When the showers are located on the same floor as the MultiVert-MVII, a pump unit can be used. The pump unit consists of a waste water container for the showers, in which two pumps and a smart float system are mounted. When the level of wastewater in the sump rises, the pump unit starts working and the wastewater is pumped to the inflow piece of the MultiVert-MVII.

A new and simple weapon to avoid energy waste and seriously reduce CO2 emissions.


The Q-Blue Multivert is suitable for heat recovery in buildings with many showers


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