Blue Showersave®

Energy-saving shower system with WWHR

The Blue is an advanced and compact one single storey shower system equipped with our innovative, energy-saving Showersave® heat exchanger.

You can install the Blue in a separate technical room and it is also possible to install the Blue directly in your bathroom. You can complete the system by using the modern, stylishly designed glass panel that can be ordered as an extra accessory.

The Blue is easy to install and suitable for both new buildings (apartments and single story dwellings) and renovation projects.

The Blue basic consists of a heat exchanger, a pump to pump up the water, sensor and power supply and is available in four versions:

* Blue 12
* Blue 16
* Blue 21
* Blue 21HE

You can expand the Blue basic with a glass panel, mixer tap, drain and shower set (hand and rain shower).

If you would like more information about the Blue, please contact our partners.
For United Kingdom, you can contact Showersave.  For other countries, you can check our distributor list.

The Blue is the solution for an innovative heat exchanger, placed directly in  your bathroom. 

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