Q-Blue Showersave

Innovative heat exchanger 

The Q-Blue Showersave is a tube-shaped heat exchanger available in three different lengths. This heat exchanger comprises three tubes. The drained hot shower water flows along the inner wall of the inner tube. The tap water that has to be heated flows through the ring-shaped channel between the outer tube and the liner. This type of heat exchanger has a dual separation between the waste water and clean tap water.

With the Q-Blue Showersave it is possible that both the water going to the boiler and the water going to the cold water connection of the shower is preheated. This way, the central heater boiler requires less than half of the capacity to work when showering. This can save a household a whopping 200 m3 gas per year.

The Q-Blue Showersave can be used for homes with a shower on the top floor