Showersave® – the best certified heat exchangers in the market

The Showersave® shower water heat exchangers have had, and have still,  the highest efficiency in the market for years. This is endorsed not only by the KIWA efficiency certificates but also by the Passivhaus certificates. In 2019, the Showersave®QB1-21D-HE even won the international Passivhaus innovation award.

But those are not the only certificates the apply to the Showersave®. The Showersave® is also WRAS approved, Belgaqua-approved, CSTB-approved and has ETA-Denmark approval.

In addition to that , the Showersave® is the only vertical shower water heat exchanger in the world to have the KIWA product certificate and the DVGW certificate. This means that as an installer or developer you can be sure, and can also demonstrate, that the heat exchanger you are using meets the highest possible quality requirements.

The Showersave® is thus rightfully the best certified shower water heat exchanger in the market.